Royal Gin Packaging Design

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Project Brief
Design a visual identity, graphics and packaging for a new gin product line. The identity should appeal to 25 to 40 year olds. “The design should be colourful, good and easily identifiable. We want people asking for Royal Gin and tonic and not just gin and tonic – the drink of Royals!

Create an identity that appeals to 25 to 40 year olds. How to make royal modern, fun and cool – the challenge was to blend all these characteristics into one concept.

Royal as a concept can easily appear formal or old – referring to medieval times, etc. Majority of people enjoying playing cards. The approach was to bring royalty and play together. The King, Queen and Jack illustrations on cards do not necessarily appear too old or formal, but is something many people can relate to – it is familiar and still very present in modern day. For Royal Gin, the approach was to use these cards as an inspiration to create a combination of modern and abstract details in colourful and playful way. In addition to label design (packaging design), visual identity and graphics,  a Superior-bottle was designed to brring added (playful) value to the concept – as playing cards are also fun and games, so is the Royal Gin. Something familiar, yet unique and easily identifiable.

design inspiration

design process
design process
design lines
adding color to the design
color of the king
pattern details
full label design
black version
label blue version
product mockup

The superior bottle is a concept extension to the standard bottle – keeping up with the playful aspect of the design approach. How could the bottle be more engaging and playful with the users? The idea with the superior bottle is to have two same “sides”, in contrast to the standard version with a clear front and back labels, the superior bottle has the front label on both sides, reversed however, so which one is the right way? Try it out and find out. This bottle is not meant to be easy to use, but rather to create discussion, create a playful atmosphere – become an item of interaction (i.e. spinning the bottle, opening both sides, wondering about, ice-breaker), giving the interaction a touch of mystery, confusion, laughter? and of course, something to remember.

Spin the bottle