Simo Herold

A Finnish Visual + Product Designer

I focus on visual and product design (UI/UX/Interaction Design).

In general I follow Design Thinking as a design mindset to approach problems, though this varies based on the project, what needs to be done and the stage of the product.

Learnings from designing for multi-language user interfaces

A Day in the Life of a Product Designer at Block One, Mars

UX / UI case study with design process

Please feel free to ask about any of the projects on this site and past work experience. I did my bachelor’s degree (Branding) in the Netherlands, and Master’s degree (Media Design) in Japan. Did an exchange year in Beijing and stayed on for 10+ years working as a designer. Whoops. Time travels fast. Still wishing to learn how to surf (in the sea). Always up for a challenge!

Currently based in Taipei

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