I am a Finnish UI / UX Designer


I focus on digital products and love creating graphics and exploring art. The newest addition (hobby?) is to explore with sound. I follow Design Thinking as a mindset to approach problems, though this varies based on the project, what needs to be done (what is the problem and the goal) and the stage of the product.

Get in touch with social channels below or email: simo.herold[at]


Learnings from designing for multi-language user interfaces

Adding a new language to a product broke the UI and brought in new exciting challenges. Insights from designing for multiple languages

9min read

lost in translation

Design through the eyes of an INFJ personality Type

As an UI/UX designer I’ve been interested in researching user behavior, visual cues and different underlying motivations that can have an impact on the user experience.

8min read

INFJ designer

A day in the life of a product designer at Block One, Mars

One day of adventures into design. Storytelling for design.

17min read