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A graphic design / packaging design project following art and design styles found in socialist realism works. Artworks in this project were created as a set alphabets. Each work corresponds to one letter in the English alphabet (A to Z), taking a word or words beginning in that letter, such as A for Architecture, B for Ball or Bullet, and putting that on canvas (letters are also inside each work – some more obvious than others).

All of the 26 works are influenced by elements found in paintings, packaging, posters, magazines, covers and more. The works are influenced by existing works or created completely as originals. A project from the archives (a few years back).

A letter

B letter
C letter
D letter
E letter
F letter
H letter
I letter
J letter
K letter
L letter
O letter
P letter
Q letter
R letter
S letter
v letter
X letter
Y letter
Z letter