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Education, Aviation, Children

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In Brief

Little Pilots arranges a variety of flight courses, game activities and flight experiences for children. The goal is to provide children with a good grasp of flying knowledge in a fun and happy atmosphere. The idea behind Little Pilots is to let the children familiarize themselves with various aspects of aviation at an early age. Build curiosity at an early age and go on a journey to experience the blue skies, lands and views from different low-altitude perspectives. Realizing dreams.


Create a new logo and visual identity for Little Pilots that appeal to children and their parents. It should be related to aviation, children and fun/happy times.

On-site Inspiration

onsite inspiration

Initial sketches and ideas

ideation sketches

Initial concepts

Decision was to go ahead with the two pilots (boy and a girl). The mark represented the core idea in the desired way; including two kid pilots (a boy and girl) with playful “helicopter” hats that communicate the focus on helicopters/aviation, as well as two vintage-style goggles that communicate better the idea of aviation than i.e. normal pilot sunglasses). It was cute, happy, memorable and a mark that could be easily translated into a larger visual identity/branding activities. It was time to re-explore and re-think the color scheme.

color exploration
color exploration

There were a lot of reasoning about going for a two-color (or more) option, lighter options, which could help to emphasize certain elements, such as “propellers/helicopter”, boy/girl, “children’s colors”, etc. However, in the end going with a single color was an ideal direction due to the fact that it was most clear, no “extra decoration-feel”, blue representing calmness and knowledge/information(education), and blue as the blue sky initially communicated in the brief.

Little Pilots logo

Motion Logo

motion logo
logo colors
logo colors
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