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Elegant Music is an experimental music label by Kontactlab. The goal of Elegant Music is to promote both domestic and foreign independent producers, musicians and live shows. Production of interactive systems and visual design that follows a four-dimensional flow of sound, lighting, electricity and people. Elegant Music is an interactive music platform that engages through online and offline activities to create a close bond between fans and musicians.

Task: Create a new visual identity for Elegant Music that communicates the label’s uniqueness and origins.

Elegant Music [雅] 是Kontactlab旗下实验性音乐厂牌。 目标为推荐国内外优质独立制作人,音乐人的现场品牌。 以声,光,电,人四维一体的制作现场交互系统与视觉设计。 通过现场打通线上与线下,粉丝与音乐人的零距离互动音乐平台。
意在向众多年轻 传播推 有品位的艺术形态与派对化。

任务:为Elegant Music创建一个新的视觉识别系统,用于传达厂牌的独特性与起源。 系统需要灵活适应不同的情况,因为与赞助商以及不同的艺术家合作。 每位艺术家都有自己独特的风格(音乐,视觉和感觉),身份应该能够将这些融合在一起并互相恭维,而保持为优【雅】的作品。

Elegant Music Visual Identity

Elegant Music’s identity stems from the idea of creating patterns. The brand consists of multiple elements, or patterns, that make up the “Elegant Music” brand as a whole. A mash-up of:

I) Traditional elements/culture (China / Chinese)
II) Modern elements and interaction
III) POP (popular culture)

It is not about repetition and a strict color palette, but patterns and elements – variation creates relevance and sustains interest. New elements are added to the Elegant Music identity along the way.

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