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I am a Finnish designer focusing on graphic design, visual identities, UI/UX design, web design and front end development. I did my bachelor's degree (Branding) in the Netherlands, and Master's degree (Media Design) in Japan. Did an exchange year in Beijing and stayed on for 10+ years working as a designer. Whoops. Time travels fast. Still wishing to learn how to surf (in the sea). Always up for a challenge!


Visual Design
I work with Adobe Creative suite for visual and graphic work. I play in After Effects for creating micro-animations and demos, as well as Premiere Pro or Davinci Resolve for videos. There are lot of great apps out there, i.e. Sketch and the lot, which work nicely with UI Design. The tools I use depend on the project requirements and what needs to be done.

Design Thinking / UX
Projects always start with a research phase and it is necessary to step into the shoes of the user(s) and assess the information, situation, background and adventure on to new directions. Each project has a slightly different stage and approach, but in general I apply ux/design thinking methodologies to all the projects, and UI and UX should ideally go in sync to provide the best possible solution.

UX/UI Research Case Study with Design Process

Front End Development
In addition to design I work on front end development. I did do Ruby on Rails for a year (previous portfolio was a Ruby on Rails app with a custom cms, and it did run for 5 years before I decided to redo everything). I'm always curious, so I constantly learn more; as the world and the web evolve and changes on a daily basis.


Currently based in Beijing, China


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