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Design and development of my portfolio site (2015). Website was created with Ruby on Rails. The site was responsive and included a Portfolio, Blog (In the Grapevine), and About/Contact section, as well as an Admin-Area/CMS for content management. The content was handled by a customised CMS created from scratch. I wanted to create a CMS from scratch to customise it as needed, as well as for potential scalability in the future.

I didn’t want to choose the existing gems for Admin area or CMS’s as they also have a lot of things I didn’t necessary need with the site – keeping it as lightweight and customised as possible was the main goal. Full CMS and a Ruby on Rails site from scratch provided a great learning experience, and let me dive deeper in to the Rails world. This was also the final project for my HarvardX CS50 course through EdX.

Personal sites are good way to experiment. For my portfolio sites over the past years I’ve been trying out WordPress, RoR, Html/CSS/JavaScript, and PHP sites – now back in WordPress again.

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