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OXO Group was founded in 1999 and it’s main areas of business include commercial operations, public art management, media development, technology, and asset management. OXO Group combines art, culture, commerce and technology to provide individuals, businesses and government sector with multidimensional innovation spaces for a model of future life.

Brief & Approach

Design and develop a new website for OXO Group that communicates the brand message and it’s color identity, as well as notions of future life, art and technology.

Clean, clear and easy to navigate layout. Visual approach aiming towards space and the future with a (subtle) artistic feel. Minimal, yet slightly abstract.

oxo group website design

main color palette
Space / Future Focus

Each page begins with a slow-motion future / space hero video scene

hero videos
Custom icons reflecting the main business sectors
custom icons
Clear look for heading elements. Not afraid to use a lot of negative space.
layout design
layout design overview
homepage above the fold
homepage full
other pages

Previous versions

previous concepts
alternative concepts
other concepts