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What is DailyUI?

100 Days – 100 Screens (UI/Web/App etc)
100 Days of UI Design is a design challenge created by DailyUI (http://www.dailyui.co), which sends you a daily user interface design prompt (M-F) for 100 days. It is up to the designer how to interpret the briefs and there are no strict rules whether it is for the web, app or other user interface systems. It is challenging, motivating and fun. This is a collection of all 100 screens, though in a lot of the screens I used animation, which is limited here. For full view on all screens and animations, please see this project via Behance
DailyUI 016: Pop Up Overlay
DailyUI 022: Search
DailyUI Screens 12 to 23
DailyUI 031: File Upload
DailyUI 34: Car Interface
DailyUI Screens 36 to 46
DailyUI 45: Info Card
DailyUI screens 47 to 57
DailyUI 48: Coming Soon
DailyUI screens 58 to 68
DailyUI 59: Background Pattern
DailyUI screens 69 to 79
DailyUI 78: Pending Invitation
DailyUI screens 80 to 90
DailyUI 80: Date Picker
DailyUI screens 90 to 100
DailyUI 100: redesign the dailyui homepage