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Daily UI Challenge #dailyui 100 Days of UI Design is a UI Design Challenge created by DailyUI, which sends you a daily user interface design prompt (M-F) for 100 days. It is up to the designer how to interpret the briefs and there are no strict rules whether it is for the web, app or other user interface systems. It is challenging, motivating and fun.

This challenge was an excellent opportunity to experiment new ideas and dive into the world of After Effects

Daily UI 3 Landing Page

Daily UI screen 1 to 10
Daily UI 17 Email receipt
Daily UI screens
DailyUI Error 404
DailyUI 30 Pricing
DailyUI 25 TV app
Daily UI Screens
daily ui screen
daily ui screens
Careers design
Daily UI Screens
Can you swim website
DailyUI screens
sunny philly
DailyUI screens
submit button
pagination interaction
dailyui screens
daily ui screen 100
daily ui screens