about Simo Herold



I am a Finnish designer focusing on graphic design, visual identities, UI/UX design, web design and front end development. I did my bachelor's degree (Branding) in the Netherlands, and Master's degree (Media Design) in Japan. Did an exchange year in Beijing and stayed on for 10+ years working as a designer. Whoops. Time travels fast. Still wishing to learn how to surf (in the sea). Always up for a challenge!


I work with Adobe Creative suite for visual and graphic work. I play in After Effects for creating micro-animations and demos, as well as Premiere Pro or Davinci Resolve for videos. There are lot of great apps out there, i.e. Sketch and the lot. The tools I use depend on the project requirements and what needs to be done.

Front End Development
In addition to design I work on front end development. HTML, CSS and Javascript. I did do Ruby on Rails for a year (previous portfolio was a Ruby on Rails app with a custom cms, and it did run for 5 years before I decided to redo everything). I'm always curious, so I constantly learn more; as the world and the web evolve and changes on a daily basis.


Currently based in Beijing, China


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