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Artborough is a crowdfunding service platform tailored for emerging contemporary artists, and focusing on visual arts. Visual Art (i.e. Fine Art) Projects are not as visible or prominent on existing crowdfunding platforms. The idea behind Artborough is to create a category specific crowdfunding platform that caters and focuses on contemporary art, artists and visual art projects. Artborough wants to bring art projects to life; projects that normally would't get funding or grants, wouldn't be accepted to museums or galleries, or by artists who have not yet gotten opportunities for public showing - acting as a so-called cloud-based private gallery/service, but with art / exhibitions in offline settings - it is not about selling art or a portfolio showcase, but more about creating experiences around art as decided by the public. At Artborough the public (users) become the curators of exhibitions they want to see and experience, while supporting the artists to develop in their careers. Artborough is created with Ruby on Rails and database is backed with MySQL. Images below do not cover the whole of the application, concept, or the research, but major bits of the visual infrastructure.

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