08 December 2013

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How to make things disappear with Photoshop?

Magic? How to use Photoshop to make things disappear in an image, or how to remove an unwanted section in an image? You can also get rid of acne, blemish, unknown person, bird, and unwanted sections; up to you – these can be altered, improved or omitted easily with Photoshop. There are many methods you can use with Photoshop to edit your image. This post is more about exploring different sections/tools in Photoshop. If you want to take a short-cut for this post, you can use the Clone Stamp Tool on the left-side navigation panel to clone patterns directly -> "Making them disappear"


crop toolIf the part you want to omit is in a corner or near the boarders of the image, you may consider just simply cropping the image (taken that it doesn’t take away the feel you wanted the image to have).

spot healing brush toolIf you are looking at getting rid of blemish, acne or similar “smaller” dots and imperfections, you can try using the Spot Healing Brush Tool by applying the brush tool directly at the section you want to improve.

If the section you want to improve is more complex. You can consider using Vanishing Point (Filter > Vanishing Point) and the Stamp Tool to clone / paint / recreate the source that appear in the image, and this way to do some magic.

This post includes a step-by-step guide on how to use this method. Do check which option fits you the best. If you have more methods, remember to share.

The Eiffel tower image (above) is more easier to alter in Photoshop, as the background consist mainly of sky / clouds. It is harder to change more complex patterns, but nothing is impossible!

Below is an image from Pusan, South Korea. I wanted to get rid of a graffiti that was painted on the door below this great Coffee Shop Cat Design (there is some sand/dirt in the door). Here is the result:

final result

Begin with opening the original image in Photoshop:

original image we want to alter

Research your picture and decide which area you want to alter (this doesn’t have to be only one area, you can alter any area and as many times as you need). Zoom in and out to get a feel what you are about to change.

1.) Navigate to the top navigation panel and select Filter > Vanishing Point

Your screen will look something like the one below:

Vanishing point first screen

create plane tool2.) Select Create Plane Tool. Now create a perspective plane with four corners to create an editing plane. You can be reposition by clicking them (delete with delete or backspace).

Making the corners:

four corners perspective

Four corners perspective editing plane created:

plane created

stamp tool3.) Select the Stamp Tool

Choose a section you want to clone and hit Opt + click (Alt Click)

You’ll notice after you selected the area, the brush will look like the area you’ve just selected. You can now start cloning. Clone according to your image, you may need to alter the brush size. You can easy change between or ] to increase and decrease brush size fast. You may also want to check the stamp tool options, such as setting heal either ON/OFF/LUMINANCE), adjusting opacity, adjusting hardness. I will use heal off heal on and different opacities and hardness to adjust the result for the final outcome. Do this according to the image you are editing. You also should change the cloned area according to your needs.

cloning sections with stamp tool

progress with stamp toolmore progresseven more progress

For the final I also adjusted the levels a bit to give a bit more colour. (Below)

finished image


You can do many things, just get creative and play around with the features, the possibilities are endless.

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