05 February 2015

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Challenge Me

Travel / Social Application Concept

Initially created in order to enter the KMD-IE Tokyo Venture Day 2014-12-12. Venture Tokyo >

Challenge Me - Keio Media Design Venture Project.

ChallengeMe is a mobile app that challenges you to try new things, travel to new locations, meet new people in a fun and interactive way.

The idea came into life during a brainstorming session where our team was thinking about travelling in new unknown destinations and how to make it fun. There was a lot of talk about people liking different things, wanting to do different things, either alone or with other people.

How about making a guided tour, kind of like a group tour? I think some people needs a push or a challenge to get them to try new things...

There was a lot of talk on the topic and the main thing we were considered with was how to make it fun and interactive. Could it be used both by solo travellers as well as people who already travel with people? We thought about treasure hunt. Treasure hunt and how it was played when we were kids. Getting a task or a riddle that you had to solve in order to proceed to the next point, or get a reward. We wanted to combine treasure hunt, travel and social interactions - making the app into a game. We also wanted to make it competetive, something that could get people to use it around the world and challenge both tourists and locals into challenges to discover the best the destination has to offer, and discover a lot of new things you'd normally wouldn't find, and also to get a push to do things or go to places you wouldn't normally go. The graphic below should illustrate the model behind the game:

ChallengeMe Model


ChallangeMe Logo Creation

ChallengeMe Logo

The idea behind the Challenge Me logo is that it wants to highlight the options of choosing to challenge other people, or just yourself. Starting with Challenge EM, and if you flip the word, it becomes Challenge ME, or even Challenge WE. The word E from Challenge and the flipped E from EM combined create a shape that resembles two person’s boxing, or  pushing each other – representing the challenges you’ll be facing, or being challenged by other users when using this app.  

Application User Interface Concept Ideas

Application UIApplication UI

ChallangeMe has all the functionaly build inside that you need for your next adventure. Have fun travelling and enjoy your new experiences.

Challenges are playful, informative and fun. They will give you an incentive to go over your comfort zone to explore new things and discover hidden gems only locals know. Challenge yourself and friends today to a travel game.

You decide. We respect your privacy. Travel alone and solve the challenges or go social and meet new friends to ponder the trivia. Your call, your experience.

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Forget about travel guides, books or maps. ChallangeMe is your personal travel advisor that helps you to get more out of your trip.

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